B2B Screenglasses

Invest in your staff!
Zeiss screen glasses

Offer your co-workers ZEISS computer glasses! This is a small investment for a high-end tool. Why?

The sitting posture improves naturally.

It causes the users to have less neck and back complaints, feel more vital and will be more efficient during working hours. This will improve the company’s employability.

XO Optics Zuidas offers you:
In collaboration with ZEISS; a unique resolution for easily implementing a viewing solution for your staff. Arranged in a heartbeat! A concept that relieves you as much as possible and where you are completely in control. We also provide you with a health and safety section and fiscal/WKR documentation drawn up by GOVERS Accountant/Advisors. For more information, see the videos below. Prefer to read something? Download the brochureHERE the brochure ( PDF, Dutch language ).
Invest in your employees
Arranged in a heartbeat!
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